We offer an extensive range of handmade embellishments and décor products.

Our embellishments are the perfect solution to individualize almost any project. Imagination creates endless combinations and unique designs.

SS Inspired Embellishments are made from a tough resin that will not break or splinter under most everyday knocks.

If you need to customize your embellishments to fit the contours of your project they can be bent and sculpted with heat application.

SS Inspired Embellishments are proud to stock and manufacture the exclusive hand sculpted designs of Kleinmond artist, Troets, as part of our embellishment range. They are indicated as “Handsculpted” under the description of each product.

Copyright Notice
The artistic works as specifically indicated on the website are recognised as original works by the South African Copyright Act. In terms of the Berne Convention these works are protected both in South Africa and internationally. Reproduction, adaptation or distribution of 2-D or 3-D copies of these works without written permission of the copyright owner is prohibited.
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